Should We Buy Facebook Followers?

This question trouble most Facebook users these days.

As everybody wants to increase their facebook like today, and the easiest method everyone thinks is to buy likes.

But people worry if doing this will ban their page or something else.

This guide will tell you the full details of how buying likes for your facebook page affect your Facebook Page.

Effects Of Buying A Facebook Like

When buying facebook likes we should also remember our main aim that is to increase our post reach and not only growing number of followers.

Sometime Buying Facebook Likes from unauthorized method increases our followers but decreases our post reach.

There are two methods of Buying Facebook Likes

  1. Official Facebook Promotion
  2. Buying Likes In Unauthorized Ways

1.Official Facebook Promotion

Official Facebook Promotion is the best page promotion method as it gives the best result.

By using official Facebook promotion you can :

  • Select demographics of the audience
  • Choose audience age
  • To target the audience according to their gender

2. Buying Likes In Unauthorized Ways

Buying likes in unauthorized ways are cheap as compared to the official Facebook promotion but do not gives you so many choices

You just get number of followers on your facebook page

Advantages Of Buying Likes

The advantages and disadvantages of Buying likes depend on the method you choose there are different advantages and disadvantages of each method.

if you choose the official Facebook promotion, then:


the cost of official paid promotion is quite high


You get the option to choose the demographics, age, and gender of your audience.

and if you want to buy facebook page likes in unauthorized ways then:


You don’t get the option to choose the audience demographic, age and gender.

Your post reach may decrease as by getting an audience outside interest.

Getting less interaction like comments, share and like on your post.