How to Create A Facebook Account?

Creating a Facebook account is not so tough if you know a little bit about computers,

but still, some people get stuck

while creating a facebook account

so the official method to create a facebook account is on facebook website

click here to read the official method to create a facebook account

This guide, in brief, tells you about the creation of facebook account.

This guide is simple and very easily understandable but still if you did not get it

try these Steps:

  1. Open facebook .com
  2. Enter Your First Name
  3. Enter Your Sur Name
  4. Enter Your Mobile Number or
  5. Enter Your Email Id
  6. Enter Your Date Of Birth and
  7. Select your gender and
  8. Click on create account button

If you have completed all the steps above you must have successfully created your Facebook account.

Now you need to select your profile picture and cover picture and need to fill some information like

Your educational qualification, your residence and all

you can now send and accept a friend request

create a facebook page

create a facebook group

and get followers on your facebook page